Quality Care

We are committed to the pursuit of quality in everything we do. Our goal is to help patients and residents achieve their goals, whether that is to return home as quickly as possible after an illness, or to maintain the utmost independence and quality of life.

Here at Diversicare we developed our Continuous Quality Improvement Program in the early 1990s. This process was initiated to exemplify the company’s strong belief in the prevention of, rather than the retrospective review of issues related to patient care. New developments driven from the Affordable Care Act will soon require nursing homes to revise their programs to include new criteria.

“The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is leading an initiative that could transform the way nursing homes ensure quality. This initiative goes beyond the current QAA provision, and aims to significantly expand the intensity and scope of current activities in order to not only correct quality deficiencies (quality assurance), but also to put practices in place to monitor all nursing home care and services to continuously improve performance.” –_American Healthcare Association

We are proud to be early adopters of these enhanced requirements, and in early 2013 have implemented our new Quality Assurance Performance Improvement process. While many new components have been added for regular review in pursuit of improvement, we are keeping to our tradition of empowering our staff to be problem solvers, listening to and communicating with patients, residents and families to resolve issues.

For more information on this and other programs, contact your local facility.